Our Team


Gerald Baugh is a business development professional with experience in financial market data and economic development.

Gerald became affiliated with Digital Legend in the summer of 2017 as the Chief Operating Officer and has been promoted to the company president in December of 2017. He is helping to lead and position the company for the launch of its first product the Epic Mbox a digital music streaming device.

Gerald joined Simplified Financial Information in 2013 as a business development manager and was later promoted to Chief of Staff. He secured the company's initial pilot client and delivered the final working model to the client a Wall Street Investment Bank.

While working for the City of Portland, Oregon and the Portland Development Commission he led the team which built an initiative supporting the software industry. The initiative brought the industry together providing focused goals and execution, it also provided the foundation for the attraction of significant venture capital investment in the region. Upon completion of the initiative venture capital investment for software in the Portland region went from $36 million to over $224 million in 18 months. Gerald also led the development, construction and completion of a wet lab for the bioscience industry. The lab provided new lab space for early stage bioscience companies bringing new products to market to do further testing and product development.

Gerald has a history of consulting and advising start-up/early stage companies in the technology space. He has provided strategic mentorship that resulted in 4 companies in the Portland, OR incubator Portland Ten to each reach $1.0 million dollars in revenue.

In addition, Gerald has participated in countless innovative projects and played a key role in the redevelopment of the urban core of Vancouver, WA. The results of the two-person team effort led to $300 million of new investment featuring mixed use projects being developed including Hilton's first LEED certified and publicly owned hotel.

Gerald is an entrepreneurial leader, innovative and strategic thinker with excellent facilitation and presentation skills who gets things done. Gerald brings a myriad of skill sets and influence to the community based upon his broad knowledge among many industry sectors. He is a graduate of the University of Washington with a degree in Business Finance.


Dennis has 20 years of solid experience as a lead creative software developer, managing small and large teams of software developers for multimedia marketing and advertising agencies.

Dennis has been an Air Force military brat raised all over the world. He attended Virginia Tech and began an entrepreneurial endeavor with a small team in New York during the dot com boom of the late 1990's to develop solutions regarding pirated music world-wide.

Dennis studied computer science, music, art, and engineering, and brings many years of technical creative knowledge to the projects he works on. He has worked with large enterprise companies including MTV, ABC, NBC, ESPN, and many major movie studios. His work product focused on advertisements for major websites. Dennis developed interactive content engaging consumers with fun filled website content and direct Internet advertising using demographic data.

The focus of Dennis' work for studios was creating video games and small mini-apps for major company websites such as Volkswagen, Phillip Morris, and Northrop Grumman. The skill sets developed while working on these projects are a major contributor for his creative problem solving and work flow.

As a musician and DJ, Dennis is adept with cultural trends and a myriad of musical genres, giving him insight into music culture regarding the ebbs and flows of the current music industry.


Former CEO of Max Media Group, Inc. (OTC-MXMI), Prior to this, he was the Chief Executive Officer of the Artist Distribution Business Unit for Titan Global Entertainment, Inc. Mike ran the day-to-day business operations of E-Go Music for Titan in addition to heading up its music publishing division, as well as Artist & Repertoire (A&R) activities. Mike has been a part of key executive teams in the recording industry for 4 decades. He served as Vice President of Atlantic Records, BMG labels, Arista and RCA. Mike was also a member of the Artist & Repertoire Committee at Atlantic Records which signed such acts as AC/DC, The Blues Brothers, Bette Midler, Laura Brannigan, Foreginer, Night Ranger and the re-signing of the Rolling Stones.

He left Atlantic Records and worked with BMG for 9 months, until going independent. Mike was awarded with the Best National Promotion Director of the Year Award in 1979 after being named Midwest Regional Promotion Director. The region included 22 states and the promotional responsibilities of Chicago and Cleveland.